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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a tattoo take?

  The good old million pound question of how long is a piece of string. How long a tattoo takes depends an a number of factors, size, placement, complexity and the level of details within your tattoo, these factors are not always obvious as sometimes a smaller more fiddly tattoo might take longer than a much more larger open piece. Generically a sleeve will take between 5 to 7 full day sittings to complete. Another factor that is out of the artists control is how well you sit as a client.

Essentially the most important thing to remember is, the artist wants to do the best they can and wants the tattoo to be perfect just as much if not more than you and quality and rushed just don't work together.

  • How can I best prepare for a tattoo?

  You should arrive for your appointment on time, well rested, fed and hydrated. I really cant stress enough the importance of being well prepared as this will make your day a lot more comfortable. Also you might want to bring some headphones and a phone charger. There is a cafe and a convenience store located next to the studio and we do stop for lunch and regular breaks. The clothing you wear should be appropriate to where you getting tattooed and a top tip would be, to not wear your brand new white T-shirt!

Its important that your 100% within yourself and healthy, not only does the artist not want to catch your cold but if your immune system is compromised with stress, healing an injury or fighting against a cold for example its impossible for it to heal your tattoo 100% as it could have.

The best skin for tattooing is well moisturised healthy skin please do not arrive with sun burn or layers of fake tan. You can not be tattooed if I or any member of my team suspects you to be under the influence of alcohol  or drugs.

  • Do tattoos hurt?

  Tattoos hurt, of course they do, but its not an unbearable pain. the level of pain depends on the location of the tattoo and your personal pain tolerance. Arriving well rested, fed and hydrated will most certainly help with how comfortable you are throughout your appointment.

  • Can I use numbing cream for my tattoo?

  The use of any numbing creams, sprays, pain relief medication etc is not advised by myself and if done, is done so in your own time on your own premises at your own risk. If your arrive for your appointment and appear to be under the influence of Tramadol of example, then you will be asked to leave! The use of numbing creams can be a helpful thing for a small tattoo however if your still getting tattooed when it wears off then you will feel it a lot more than if you had started without. Numbing creams can also toughen up your skin which will make the procedure take longer. Anti-inflammatories are a helpful aid to long sittings and multiple day sits however can not be proscribed, or give my myself as Im not a doctor so please seek advice from your GP for further information.

  • Can I bring a friend along with me while Im being tattooed?

  At Stag and Bones tattoo studio, we do our best to maintain an open, friendly and welcoming environment and understand that some people may require a friend to help with there transportation to the studio etc however we do respectfully ask that it is limited to a plus one only. Your friend will not be allowed in the tattoo area however can wait in the waiting area for you. There is no under 18's allowed at anytime in the studio not only to help protect your children from potential sharp hazards but also to allow your artist and the other artists in the studio to concentrate fully on their job in hand.

  • How old do I need to be to get tattooed?

  The short and simple answer is, you must be 18 years of age to get tattooed. There has been a long standing misconception of 16 with parents concept, however this is not the case and Im declined to believe it never has been. Please bring photographic identification along with you for your appointment.

  • ​Do I do cover up tattoos?

  I will do cover up tattoo and everything is coverable with the right concept. The biggest thing to bear in mind is, as an artist Im already restricted with what will actually work as a cover up so free reign is preferable with the minimum added restriction.

  • Do I do colour tattoos?

  Many years ago I would do all styles/ genres of tattooing including colour. However over the years I have found that solely sticking to one genre and constantly trying to perfect my style of black and grey always me to grow as an artist and you as a client to get the best you can. I only tattoo in my style of black and grey and will only do my own designs. I will never copy another artist or repeat my designs, each one is a custom one off, designed and tattooed personally for you.

  • How long does a tattoo take to heal?

  Usually a tattoo will take around two week to appear fully healed however it takes 3 months for the skin to do a full regeneration process and the tattoo to settle and then it can be classed as fully healed. Your age, health and even your diet and lifestyle can effect these timescales.

  • Tattoo aftercare

  After care advise is given both verbally and written at the end of your tattoo. its very important you follow these instruction to letter and with common sense. If any doubts what so ever about your after care do not hesitate to speak to your artist or GP.

  • How do I continue to care for my tattoo after its healed?

  A tattoo is pigment placed in the dermis of the skin. The epidermis layer of skin then heals on top of it. I like to think of my tattoos like a picture behind a glass frame, the tattoo in the dermis being the picture and the glass being the epidermis. The cleaner and well maintained the glass is the clearer you see the picture. Try to moisturise regularly and use sun protection. 




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